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Welcome to Dave’s Dutch Rabbitry!


Welcome to Dave’s Dutch Rabbitry.  I am an exhibitor of the Dutch rabbit.  I specialize in Chocolates but also have Blacks, Blues and Torts as well.  I’ll be posting some thoughts, pics and possibly articles on this site.  I love raising and exhibiting rabbits and Dutch have always been a special breed to me.  I have formerly raised New Zealand Whites, Blacks and Reds. After the New Zealands I raised Palominos and Satins.  Regardless of the breeds that I have had I have always had Dutch in my rabbitry.  In 2007 I had to stop raising rabbits due to travel commitments for my job.  I began raising them again in 2010 and have really enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy this site.

Me with a nice chocolate buck
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